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General Business Consulting
Business Consulting Neal & Associates provides consulting services to businesses on many different subject areas. If your business is old or young, big or small, we can help.
  • developing strong problem solving techniques in your staff and management:
    • defining a problem correctly
    • collecting information for problem solving
    • selecting from among the possible solutions
    • staying focused on the problem!
    • "don't tell me what won't work, tell me what will work" or -being a positive problem solver

  • developing effective time management techniques in your staff and management
    • make a plan - EVERY DAY!
    • check your plan for today frequently
    • work on that part of your plan that you can get done today
    • don't let anything get in your way
    • learning to be a person who plows right through one problem after another daily

  • developing excellent management techniques in your top management group
  • developing a plan for getting a project completed
  • building software systems to run your business
  • setting up a customer service group
  • setting up a technical support group
  • building a web site for your business
  • setting up regional offices
  • creating centralized company documentation
  • setting up a software support group
  • creating a software certification plan
  • hiring software developers
  • buying or leasing new facilities
  • researching items or systems for purchase

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