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Programming & Data Conversion Services

Computer If you are contemplating a conversion of your current data, accounting system, or billing system to another, we can help. We specialize in getting legacy data, no matter what it's format, and converting it into Microsoft Access databases in preparation for data mapping into new systems such as Sybase or Oracle. We can also create programs to analyze the data so that conversion teams can decide how to map the new data into the new system. We work extensively with your old data vendor to get file layouts and other documentation necessary to accomplish your conversion.

Neal & Associates provides programming and design services on a contract basis, primarily in the areas of:

System Design: If you need to build a software system to control all or part of your business, start with a solid software design. No other element of the process is more important!
Project Management: If you need a large or small project managed, we can handle all of the detail. See our Project Mangement web page for more information.
Hiring Programmers?: Do you know how hard it is to hire good programers? We can help in this area too. There is detailed information on our Personnel Hiring web page.
Visual Basic Programming: Whether you have a small general business application or a large technical application, Microsoft's Visual Basic tools provide a rapid and robust development environment.
Microsoft Access database design: Most of the time, software applications require the storage of information. Microsoft Access is an excellent tool to use and it is integrated well with Visual Basic. It can also be used effectively for database applications on the Internet. We provide extensive data conversion services specializing in the conversion of almost any kind of data into Microsoft Access databases for the telecommunications and cable television industries.
Billing System conversions: We provide consulting and programming services to companies seeking to convert from one billing system to another.
Windows Help Files: All software running in the PC environment CAN have fabulous help file systems that guide the user through nook & cranny of the software system. Neal & Associates has extensive experience creating these help files.
Microsoft FoxPro programming: FoxPro is another excellent programming tool, primarily aimed at database applications. Neal & Associates created a complete office management system for the Prostate Cancer Research facilities at the University of California, Davis Medical Center.
Web Site Development Tools: We have extensive experience building web sites and have all of the tools and experience required to to a comprehensive presentation of your company on the Internet. See Web Site Development by Neal & Associates for detailed information.

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