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Project Management
Project Management Neal & Associates specializes in managing projects, large and small for companies of all types. Here is a sample listing of some of the projects we have undertaken:

Designed and implemented a complete software and hardware technical support group of over 400 employees
Designed and implemented a new computer field engineering group consisting of 60 employees spread over 7 international regional offices.
Designed and implemented a plan to recruit and train 120 computer programmers.
Procured a corporate jet and suitable pilot
Designed and implemented a Security department.
Planned and implemented a move of 300 employees from one location to another in a different city.
Designed and implemented an assessment lab process to recruit technical personnel
Designed and implemented a computer board repair department
Designed and implemented a national spare parts depot
Directed the design and remodeling of office space
Designed and implemented a quality assurance program
Developed problem solving course for corporate wide distribution.
Designed and developed a complete research management software system for a Prostate Cancer Research foundation
Developed outplacement plan for exiting employees
Created a complete corporate medical benefits software system for 2000 employee company
Designed and implemented a payroll software system
Developed and implemented investigative protocols for determining the facts in employee theft cases
Designed and developed manufacturing testing plan for large computer systems

This is just a small sampling of the types of projects we have undertaken. If you have a project that needs design or management, let us know.

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