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Business Tips
Next Week Here* are some ideas and tips we have found useful in business. This is also our place to also express our ideas and opinions on current computer related news and issues. We welcome your input and will consider posting your tips along with ours.
Personnel Hiring and the Interview Process: Have you ever interviewed someone for a job and thought to yourself, "I wish I know right now what I would know about this person six months from now if I hired him today?" We all know that, as people work, their REAL work habits come out over time. Personnel interviews however, are highly restricted as to what can be asked and the interview setting is mostly contrived (we don't mean the word "contrived" to mean dishonest - we are all just on our best behavior in job interviews and this is not our natural state). But most interviewers have an opportunity to learn much, much more about their job candidates.

Evaluating an employee's "Tracking Quotient": Some employees seem to always stay on track when completing their work or projects. Others seem to always be getting off track. How well an employee proceeds towards their goals has important implications for the success or failure of your department or for your business.

*Disclaimer: Neal & Associates provides these tips as general guidelines. Consult with the appropriate policies in your company and applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations before implementing them.

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