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Neal & Associates provides Internet web site development solutions to all businesses, large and small. Our goal is to provide straightforward, uncomplicated web sites that are appealing to the eye and yet designed to provide maximum information content to the web surfer. All of our web sites are "database driven". This means that the web site owner can maintain and update much of the content of the web pages without further web site programming.

Our services include web site design, web page creation, image creation and scanning, gif animation, and forms construction. We also use databases for customers who need to store information on-line. Most importantly, we make a special effort to construct web pages so that they are found easily by indexes on the Internet. We also focus heavily on getting your web site properly listed in the maximum number of Internet indexes.

Web Site Design Philosophy
Sample Image A business oriented web site design should be done with several important goals in mind. First, they should portray the business in a professional, eye pleasing manner. An Internet web site design should provide a company the opportunity to put their best foot forward in a highly visual medium.

Here are some other considerations:

  • Graphics should be used sparingly so that web pages load rapidly. This is one of the most important factors in good web site design.
  • We think good web site development dictates that color should be used to convey meaning and to highlight. Web sites designed with dark backgrounds and white type do not print well. White backgrounds with black type are most effective for conveying information and print well also.
  • The Commotion Factor: A business web site is designed to convey information, to present an image, and above all, to improve the bottom line of the company. A web site designed for a Circus should look like a Circus, with dancing bears, blinking lights, and sounds galore. If your company is not a Circus, then don't make you web site look like one!

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